Life in UK: Snow

Monday, December 20, 2010

During the first week at university, one of the lecturers warned us international students about the panic and chaos that two snowflakes can cause here in UK. It wasn't far from true. A few centimeters of snow and everything stops here, everyone looks at snow as if it was evil. Common, it's just snow. Deal with it! It was funny at first, but now it's just bloody annoying.

The big freeze started in November and today was the first time I saw some pavements being covered with grit. So far haven't seen any other effort to make this situation better in my town.  Last friday, my bf's journey from work lasted 6 hours instead of 1. Again, it was more because of the fear of  snow and ice than the actual snow and ice.  I was at work when it started snowing for the first time t hsi year, a colleauge  was afraid to  be snowed in. She actually feared she will have to spend a night at work because of no more than 5 cm of snow. and she lives 30+40 minutes walk away. Jeez.

Apparently, it costed 4bn pounds to British economy so far. and the argument for not buying enough equipment to deal with snow is that it might cost too much, especially because it doesn't snow that often. maybe, it's time to change this view.

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