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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

so  I   moaned about leggings in my last post, I'll moan about clothes a bit more.

  • It seems clothes are sewn for flat chested girls with a tummy. Only elastic clothes seem to fit both my waist and chest, other clothes- very tight on the chest and  loose waist. I'm tired of narrowing the waist by hand cause I do not having sewing machine.
  • sleeves that are too short. OK, I  might have longer arms because I am tall, but what I've noticed it is mostly sleeves of coats and jackets rather than everyday clothing that are short.  Thank god (as my grandma would say), trousers/jeans come in different lengths in most shops, so that is not a problem.
  • ok.leggings... I bought a size 8 simple black ankle-length leggings last summer only to find out that they are actually  half-calf length. When I went to the shop again to look at different sizes and their length, as I expected, the bigger the size, the longer the leggings. So stupid clothes makers ( it is hard to call them designers) think that your height is directly related to your but size, ie. only fat people can be tall and and all thin people are short.  Same thing with tights, although you can get away with wearing a big size, can't do that with leggings.
  • H&M sizing. common, UK 8 is not equal EU 34, it's 36. Stop making people feel fatter than they are and get your sizing conversion right.
  • jeans with cheap zips that don't really work. 
  • shoes. how come I can fit my feet into sizes 5 to 7 in the same shop? In most cases, size 6 is too small and 7 is too big. I wish more shops had 6.5 sizes.
  • autumn/winter shoes with smooth soles- you can slide on the pavement even if there is no ice or snow. 

I bought myself boots online yesterday ( my voucher from toluna finally arrived!) and I hope they'll fit. What I like about them is that the buckles are removable, so it's like having two different pairs of shoes.

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