Some Observations on Germans

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

I do like to share my observations about life in UK, since I often go to Germany I thought I'd share some of my observations 

  • Germans do not queue. I know most of European countries are like that, but Germans as well? It took me by surprise, perfect queuing would go so well with other characteristics of a stereotypical German.  
  • They love their meat and they don't seem to label vegetarian food. It would be hard for me to live there.
  • Germans don’t jay-walk. Ever. 
  • they have one of the highest recycling rates. 
  • It does help that for all the plastic bottles you have to pay  a deposit upfront which you get then you return it to the shop. It's not uncommon to see people collecting the bottles from the bins and public spaces. 
  • They love their bank holidays and they take them seriously. Pretty much everything is closed unlike in UK or Lithuania. Couple this with Sundays when everything is closed, you could be without food for days. 
  • They enjoy their shows and films dubbed. Imagine never hearing real voice of Benedict Cumberbatch. I prefer the Scandinavian way of subtitling all the foreign films.
  • No one does a compound word like the Germans

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