My Recent Visit to Germany

Monday, September 01, 2014

I spent a lovely week in Germany with my family- too bad the weather wasn't particularly nice and I also caught a cold- how unfortunate!

Since the weather was rubbish, cloudy and rainy most days, The autumn has come too early. You shouldn't have to put heating on in August! But I disgress...

We went to the indoor swimming pool with my parents and my cousins, it was actually quite fun but a few hours and I'm done.

The next day we went to Koln or Cologne as it's known in English speaking world. The weather was not particularly nice, again. 

It was raining throughout so we didn't do any of sightseeing so we went to the shops instead. My mum bought a few things that she loves but I didn't see anything to my liking. cologne 

We were lucky enough to have nice afternoon for our trip to Solingen. We mainly went to see the castle. It was rather interesting, I only been inside one other castle, Cardiff Castle. It was quite interesting as you could go around the castle without going back and forth. There were narrows staircases that made me feel a bit claustrophobic.  

After a tour of the castle, we walked around to see what else is there. There were many beautiful houses like in the below pictures.


Beautiful. There were many restaurants/waffle houses with beautiful views of the town and surroundings but they all closed at 6pm, we only managed to get some coffee in one the places. I would love to come back there when they're open.

I'm going again in Christmas, I hope to see Dusseldorf all decorated for Christmas. 

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