Life Lately

Monday, November 03, 2014

I was going to take some amazing shots of Eastbourne seafront at night but I was stupid enough to leave my memory card at home. I was rather annoyed but at least I had a nice walk by the seaside.The lights along the seafront make everything look magical. 

The weather has been perfectly nice until today, I could really feel the cold today, felt like it's biting my cheeks. I feel like crawling under a blanket, watching Gilmore Girls and not go out until it's April. Wouldn't it be nice to hibernate till spring just like bears do.

Last week I took pictures of a local event but I don't think I can share it here. Not that there were particularly interesting pictures anyway! I would like to take more pictures  but I do not feel very motivated lately. There are lot of things I ought to do:
  • exercise
  • eat more healthy
  • spend less time worrying about stuff
  • read more often
  • learn to play the guitar better
I just really need a big kick in the arse. 

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