Dara O'Brian- Crowd Tickler- a very short review

Monday, May 11, 2015

It's hardly a secret that I love British stand up comedy. I try not to miss any comedians that come to my town. Last week I had a chance to see Dara O'Brian's Crowd Tickler. I was really hoping for some good belly laughs. 

The ticket cost £24.00 which is I think pretty good value and not surprisingly the place was packed. In the first part Dara spent a lot of time on audience engagement, I rarely find them very entertaining, I'm afraid so I found myself a bit bored during it. There were some funny dance moves and a lot of fast talking. Second part of the show was stronger but I cannot say I had many belly laughs, maybe a few tickles. Over all: a bit meh. Maybe his comedy just don't work for me? 

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