Tuesday, May 05, 2015

I dragged my boyfriend to Lewes last weekend. It's only 20 minutes form where we live but he has never been here before. The weather was ok only, but it didn't ruin our day. I did forget my memory card so I had to take pictures on my phone -sorry for potato quality. I have lost my Lumia 930 that has a pretty good camera (hopefully getting back soon) so that wasn't an option either.
I love Southover Grange Park in Lewes. It's not particularly big but it's beautiful. It's gorgeous right now with all the flowers and trees blooming. There is also a gallery and a teashop there. Being able to have a cup of tea sitting on the grass in such a beautiful place score highly in my books.

Yes, I found Benedict's face in one of the shops window. Too bad it was closed, the other time I visited they had a life size cut out of Benedict. We explored antiques market, many lovely old things were but a tad expensive.
 At the end of the day we ended up in Priory's park, I think it would be lovely to have lunch there on the hill, over looking the cricket fields, the park and the downs in the distance. I hope summer will come soon. 

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