My Long Weekend

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Hope you all had a lovely  Easter weekend. I had visitors from Germany- my parents. They've only been here once, when I graduated from university which now seems to be ages ago- 5 years in July. Eeasyjet have made this trip difficult by cancelling Gatwick-Düsseldorf route for some reason. Now I won't be able to visit as often as getting to Heathrow is not as easy and it wouldn't be as cheap but I digress.

First day they arrived we had a perfect spring day, lots of sunshine, hardly any breeze. We went for a walk on the Downs. I was surprised there was hardly any wind up there either, it just doesn't happen very often even on the nicest days. There were a lot of people, not a surprise considering it was a bank holiday.



We walked over 8k. Not too bad, not too bad at all.  We ended up in Willingdon, such a nice neighbourhood. I would love to live in a place like that.

Saturday weather was a complete opposite, cloudy and with cold winds. Not that it surprises me at all! We did some shopping and had lunch. My parents wanted to have fish&chips again, you can't get anything like that in Germany. We ended the day with nice Lithuanian food and dyeing Easter eggs


Sunday showed how ridiculous British weather can be.We left with sun shining but it soon disappeared behind clouds and I was glad I had my scarf on. We walked along the seafront and then suddenly had to find shelter as it started pouring. We went to a small cafe and ordered tea. That's then the sun came back and it was all lovely again.

Lots of food eaten but then lots of walking done too. I have so much chocolate in my house and I couldn't resist by some discounted Easter chocolate. 

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