Life Lately

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm trying to revive my Spanish, I have a book "Spanish in 30 days", yeah right;D I studied Spanish for a year at uni at elementary level,  I really enjoyed it but could not continue for second year because it clashed with my shifts. Anyway, now I have time to study it again, although it's not much fun to study it by myself. Gonna get books and DVDs from library to further facilitate my learning. Actually, should get for German too, I studied it in high school for two years but as I haven't had opportunity to used it, it is now hiding somewhere deep in my brains.

We're going to my BF's parents' house to look after their dog, they are away for a few weeks. I love that dog, he is very cute and friendly dog. But he is not very well-behaved, he chooses when to listen to you. But if you have good, he's at your service.

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