Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I'm preparing for our trip to Paris. Doing research what to see and  to do and other stuff. 

Some things  we plan to do:

  • to have a picnic in front of the Eiffel tower
  • to have creme brulee named after Amelie at Café des Deux Moulins & explore Montmartre& buy souvenirs there 
  • A walk a long St Martin's canal
  • browsing Porte de Vanves Flea Market
  • a short visit to Louvre
  • a longer visit to museum d'Orsay (They have a big collection of impressionists' works). Also, I read there is a nice view of Paris on the top of museum.
  • try the French onion soup
  • walk randomly in the city
  • maybe meet up with my BF's cousin who lives somewhere near Paris.
  • visit some of the beautiful parks and gardens in Paris
  • try loads of stuff in the bakeries

I'm not sure if we're gonna go up the Eiffel tower again- I have quite strong fear of heights, especially when the stairs there are all see-through and I do not feel safe there.

I'm still searching for other interesting & quirky places to visit. We already visited the most famous sights already and we're not gonna revisit most of them.

and I've got this blue floral bag to carry water, food and guidebooks :)
It actually looks way better in reality. Originally I wanted to buy a pretty, ditsy also blue rucksack from accessorize but the price was ridiculous, while the quality was like Primark's. Sadly, Primark hasn't copied any rucksacks from accessorize yet. Anyway, I received my bag today and I'm very satisfied with the purchase. I think it's gonna last a few years at least and looks incredibly pretty :) I know I have a lot of floral stuff already, but I couldn't find anything nicer at an affordable price :)

I need to get plug adaptors because I might need to recharge my camera. Yes, I'm gonna take lots of pictures :) I love taking pictures  :)

I don't know what clothes to take, when we visited it last year the weather was changing a few times a day :) Just like here in UK! It was a nice start today, warm enough to go swimming, I bought a big swimming ring and just floated in the water,  very relaxing. Unfortunately, later the breeze got stronger and cooler and we had to leave, it's just got too cold.  The water was also cold, colder than on Monday, when I only left water because I was 
tired not cold. Today it was the opposite :) 


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