Jimmy Carr- Laughter Therapy

Friday, August 12, 2011

My and my BF went to see Jimmy Carr live at the Congress theatre yesterday, so this is a sort of a review, which is bound to be subjective as he is my favourite comedian.

Well, first of all, I had a great time! I laughed a lot. Jimmy is mostly one-liner comedian which is great cause you get a lot of jokes in a short time. So I guess, good value for money :)) However, he's not to everyone's taste, he's jokes can be quite offensive. But I love him, he can make a joke about everything, EVERYTHING.I love that he is anything but PC.

At the end of the show, he tested our limits with increasingly offensive jokes. We still laughed and felt ashamed that we found it funny.

We had great seats, in 5th row, quite near. We  were a bit afraid he will ask us something or whatever. He does talk to audience a lot, but you know, it's funny when he's mocking others, but when it's you.. :))  If I could come up with a really good come back quick enough, I wouldn't mind it, but I know I wouldn't.
I still prefer when he's telling jokes rather than engaging with the audience as it gets boring quite soon.

He did some regional accents that he hadn't done before. However, I couldn't understand some of it. That is the reason I'm never gonna see John Bishop live - I can't understand his scouse accent, I need subtitles!

Anyway, there were a few old jokes, some, I think, were from his facebook/twitter page, yeah I follow him, he post a few jokes every day.

My BF also thoroughly enjoyed it and he said it was definitely worth £25. Pretty cheap for a first class comedian! Although, I'm surprised that he goes to places like Hastings or Eastbourne. But hey, good for me that I don't have to go another town to see him.

I'd also like to see Michael McIntyre some day. He's more family-friendly comedian , mostly focuses on observational comedy, he's very good, makes me laugh so hard. Another comedian on my wishlist is Tim Minchin, I wanted to see him last year but tickets I could afford were sold out.  Talking about comedy, I'd love to be in the audience in Miranda's filming. That would be soooooo cool.

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