Off to Paris

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What a day... Work, work, work. When I left work, I had a pleasant surprise- my BF was waiting for me. It was very nice of him to come pick me up without any particular reason, it is, after all, quite a long walk from home. It was lovely to walk home together. 

I finally got my almost free photo prints, I got 50 free prints,I only had to pay for postage, if I lived near tesco,  it would have been totally free. I love how my pictures look in print, like a postcard ;) I want to get bigger copies done some time later. Some of my photos are cropped and do not fit the printing standard, I guess I'll have to print it with my printer on a proper photo paper and cut it myself.
 So tomorrow we're off to Paris! I am so excited, can't wait to wander around the Paris again.  I just checked the weather forecast and it's gonna be hot, I have to repack my clothes, I packed for ~22c rather than ~30c.
My BF is gonna annoy me with his "French". Last year he couldn't stop saying Joey's from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fake French words like tuti  le fruti, oh defoof. He also enjoys  saying merci beaucoup repeatedly. I don't think it'll be any different this year.

We're getting up really  really early, we're getting a lift to St Pancras station, where we gonna catch eurostar train to Paris. So I only have to repack my clothes, to do my hair and get a few hours sleep. And recharge my lumix batteries

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