Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I really need to start looking for Christmas presents. I really have no idea what to get. I am not even  sure what I want myself. I'll do a draft Christmas (and birthday I guess, which is soon after Christmas) wishlist:

  • perfume ( a girl can never have too much of perfume. well different scents anyway)
  •  canon 50mm 1:1.4  fd lens and  fd to lumix adaptor 
  •  a good book, preferably in Lithuanian. Preferably by a Lithuanian author ( can't stand reading poorly translated books)
  • cash 
  • hmhmhm...
  • macro  lumix lens
  • 20mm 1.8 lumix lens
  • tele lens...
  • 14-200mm lens... well, lots of lenses!!! ( I don't even take much photos... maybe I would if I had these lenses. or a model.)
  • Chandler Bing as my personal entertainer
  • Sheldon Cooper. Just because he's  also funny. Although in a very different way.
  • graduate job
  • a puppy or hedgehog, owl, hmm or any other cute animal. preferably one of those mini breeds. This does not apply to the dog,  all those chihuahuas and other celebrity dogs are just ugly 
  • magical powers (one can dream)

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