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Friday, November 18, 2011

I finally received my £50 check from YouGov. Yay! I'll use it to buy used prime lenses. Anyway, I thought I'll share my experience of different paid survey sites with you.

My favourite site has to be It sends surveys quite frequently, although I am screened out around 60% of the time. It usually pays 50p-£1 per survey. The longer, the bigger the reward, obviously. Some times you can be asked to write drink or food diary or report when you see a particular advert. These type of surveys are paid a lot better, £10 or more. It takes up to 28 days for the money to credited to your account and when you reach £10 you can get a voucher. I always get amazon e-voucher, you get the code instantly! I have ordered paper voucher from boots in the past and it took just under 2 weeks to arrive. I have earned around £100 in just over year with little effort at valued opinions.

YouGov. Probably the most professional survey site. They hardly ever send you any survey invites, it's better to check your account for any available surveys. What I like about YouGov, they carefully select the surveys, so you're never screened out. You have to reach £50 to request for a check. For me it took 3 years... I am not going to try to reach another £50, other sites are quicker.

It sends loooooads of survey invites every day. 90% of the time I am screened out (seriously, what's the point of profile surveys if you still send me surveys on children food and car insurance if you know I do not have no children or car). Besides surveys you can participate in polls and discussions for which you get some points. To my mind, surveys are paid lowest at toluna. One survey is usually paid around 2000 points and you need to get 80 000 to request £15 amazon or other company voucher. It takes ages for the points to be credited to your account and it takes about two months to receive a voucher, even if it is e-voucher. Very disappointing, toluna! Also, I was supposed to receive £10 worth of points for participating in online discussion, which I never received. I complained, they replied like 3 months later and still did not credit my account.

Student panel
hardly ever sends any surveys, surveys close very soon. I am already transferred to graduate panel but I do not think I'll ever reach the required amount in order to request amazon voucher. Fortunately, even if you do not reach it, they have to do give you a voucher after some time.

I have used others, but never stuck with them. Some of them only offer a chance to win
a prize, not worth the time, to my mind.

You're not gonna get rich doing surveys but it stills you can earn some extra cash, most of my online purchases are funded with these vouchers. I wish I could get ebay vouchers too ;)  

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