Do you know you do that out loud?

Friday, March 30, 2012

At 6.30 when my alarm goes off, I feel like a zombie, I'm really not a morning person. And every morning as I walk to my work, half asleep, just past  7 o'clock, I wonder why so many people get up so early just for a walk a long the seafront. It's still gonna be there at 10 o'clock, you know.

I got a new rota for next week and it sucks big time. Two  double shifts and only one day off

I need a new job 
Song of the week - Mrs Robinson
I don't know why but this songs feels very summery to me and it's quite appropriate with the weather we've been having this week. 

The other day me and my friend were watching The Dreamers. I totally forgot how creepy it gets when I chose it for us to watch. My friend couldn't handle it and we stopped somewhere in the middle.  The film makes several references to various films that are often imitated by the characters.I recently realised me and my BF do similar thing EVERY SINGLE DAY. Because that's what people do!!! Yes, we can have conversations entirely made of quotes from our favourite films and shows. It's really fun. Sometimes at work I set a challenge to incorporate as many quotes as possible. I am sure one day a stranger will reply with another quote. I'll wait.

oh and yes, I actually went to see Hunger Games with M. I don't really know why. Short review: it's definitely better than Twilight. But you should know that I consider Twilight really bad.

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