I'm not dead, let's have dinner

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm not dead. I've just been working a lot, mostly late shifts too, so I'm pretty knackered.

Apparently I have a sister, well really just someone who looks so similar to me, everyone thinks we're sisters (I might post a picture of us someday). She's very lovely girl and we have lots of things in common, for a start, we're both underemployed graduates (She has master's degree too). She's Spanish so I guess I'll be able to talk in English with Spanish accent very soon:))

Watched first episode of Dirk Gently, it's funny and enjoyable programme (I loved the pilot too) but  to a certain level it felt like I was watching a parody of Sherlock.

Which, I guess, made it even more fun to watch. Especially when I noticed that Dirk is also wearing a purple shirt.

Now I'm thinking of reading Dirk Gently novels  and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but first I have to finish reading The Sign of Four, Why Education is not Educating and Silva Rerum. (Yes. I have a poor habit of reading a few books at the same time). So many books so little time.

I'm so jealous for people who will go to the Reason Rally in Washington, 24th March Oh I would love to attend it, look at the list of speakers! I need to invent a method of teleportation very soon. 

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