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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

On my 4th day off I went to Brighton by train with my significant other. It reminded me why I hate public transport- screaming and crying children. It makes me so maaaad. I'm astonished that parents never discipline their children and just let them do whatever. I wish supernanny was there to deal with them.

saw this and I thought: MUST HAVE THIS, so it's my second John Lennon shirt and I also have3 general The Beatles shirts. No, I'm not obsessed. 

Typically it started raining.
(apologies for quality)

Had lunch at "our" new place. We used to go to this vegetarian place until it closed down unexpectedly, they had the nicest burgers ever. Now we eat at this other place with cheap buffet, nice pizzas and various salads. My SO loves it, which is great as he is a really fussy about his food, well I am a bit too.

I also got this dress, a pair of high waist skinny jeans and a DVD my SO chose. If no good it will go straight on amazon, as usual. I also bought School for Seduction the other day- mildly entertaining,  going to sell it. Although I loved Kelly Brook's make up there.

back to work tomorrow but on the up side, only 3 days till weekend !!! :)

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