Why did you make me? To prove that I could

Monday, June 25, 2012

So I finally saw Frankenstein (Johnny Lee Miller as the creature). Where do I start?

Why did I go to see this version? Simple- the other one was sold out.

It was absolutely amazing and it actually exceeded my expectations.  All the effort they put in the staging, wow, I just can imagine how good it was seeing it live. Many times I felt sorry for the creature, I was grossed out too, but there were funny  moments as well. 

 You can see a bit of Sherlock in Victor, which I enjoyed, obviously. 

My BF expected it to be absolutely boring and he planned to either sleep or play with his mobile, but he did neither, he thoroughly enjoyed it, he said he would love to see how Cumberbatch played the creature. I would love to see it too, so I really hope NT will release a DVD.

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