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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I hate winter, it's first time I'm working regular hours so I hardly see any daylight, at best I get 20 min of daylight on a weekday (getting to work +getting a sandwich during my lunch break), it's already dark when I leave work. It's depressing, I have no energy in the evening,  it might be 5pm but it feels like 10pm.  It's quite a change from summer, when I used to finish work still full of energy & went out with friends every day,now I come back from work, I get in to my pyjamas & browse reddit until there are no blue links.

I might have a mild case of SAD. as I quite clearly can see a link between amount of sunlight I get & my mood.

On a totally unrelated note, what's up with all the adverts voiced by Cumberbatch? He's everywhere, I discover a new advert almost every day. My SO is impressed with my ability to recognise his voice even though I usually zone out when the adverts are on. Well, it's rather easy to spot his adverts when it's probably the most beautiful voice I've ever heard.  I wish he would actually appear on those adverts, that would give us a reason to watch them.

talking of Cumberbatch... I've just applied for a chance to be in the audience for Cabin Pressure recording. Just thinking of this makes me super excited. *faints...

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