Veg Everyday

Monday, November 05, 2012

I've recently acquired "River Cottage Veg Everyday" for a very good price  via a book club that brings books to my workplace (£6.00!!).

I've seen a few episodes when it was on TV although considering it was a series about vegetarian food, he talked about meat & fish way too much but when I saw the book, the pretty pictures & the price tag seduced me.

In the introduction he states "so, to be absolutely clear, all the recipes that follow are suitable for vegetarians". And when the very first recipe contains Parmesan (quite a few recipes throughout a book actually).

Rather disappointing but I guess it's because it is written by a carnivore for other carnivores who interested in eating more vegetarian food, but it's not an excuse,especially because of the sentence I quoted, they should have done their research better.

On more positive note, the book is quite inspiring, beautifully illustrated. I put sticky notes on all the pages of the recipes I want to try and it's quite a few. The first one I tried was very simple leek and cheese toastie, it didn't disappoint me, rather nice and I think it will be something I will make quite regularly from now on.

Not sure if I will ever try a pizza with beetroot though.

As I'm getting organic & local veg delivered, this book will be quite useful as every box delivered contains different veg, some of which not only have never eaten, I don't even know how they are called. I was flicking through the book and actually recognised one of the vegetables in this book. Educational!

I need to start preparing lunches rather than eating shop-bought sandwiches (such a waste of money but I'm lazy, so lazy), I hope I'll find something suitable in the book.

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