Sunday, November 11, 2012

My SO has recently started coaching under 14s basketball team & today I went to see them in action!

The club was established by my SO's cousin, I think it's great that they are trying to teach children to play basketball, it's not very popular in UK, which still surprises me.I come from a country where basketball is a religion, &sadly my adopted country doesn't care much about it. Most of the children that come to this club have never played basketball  or even watched a game before so it's quite a challenge to train them from scratch. It's rather funny when parents don't know rules at all  and in turn find it hard to follow. Anyway, it was a great fun and Lions, my SO's team have won 100:72, which is quite impressive result! It's their second win this season.

I'm going to start helping the club, mainly in admin stuff & raising funds, will be something to add to my CV & I love getting involved in something like this.

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