Happy New Year

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year my chums

my New Year resolutions:

  • to read more books
  • to get a better, preferably graduate level, job
  • to take more pictures & experiment more
  • to use my time more efficiently

I would love to go away somewhere nice for my next birthday & New Year's Eve, if we can afford it. You see, I have planned 2 trips already. This spring I'm planning to go to Germany to visit my mother who has recently moved back to a town near Dusseldorf. Quite a few relatives of mine live there too, so it would be fun to see them as well. I also want to visit Dusseldorf & Koln. I've been there when I was a teenager, I actually spent 2 summers in Dusseldorf, but I didn't see that much.

In summer we're planning to go to Menorca for a week or so. Sun, sand & sea:  I can't wait!

Let's make this year best ever

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