Oh please. These guys, we haven't even moved in yet and they have us picking out China patterns

Monday, January 07, 2013

 Me & my friends always tease our lovely friend Marta about her new relationship which is becoming serious very rapidly. We're always say we need start looking for bridesmaid dresses for their wedding. As she's currently away with the future groom, we thought to take this to the next level. We went to Debenhams & found matching dresses &sent the picture to her. These were the best we could find, to be honest the choice was really appalling but we didn't have time to go to any other shop.

Anyway, I  have bet Marta that her boyfriend will propose to her by the end of October. I think I've got  good chances of winning. She has already asked me to be her wedding photographer. Better start improving my skills then...

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