Thank god I'm an atheist

Saturday, April 06, 2013

The other day I met up with my friend and an acquaintance to "celebrate" end of the working week. It was a rather quiet and slightly boring evening until my friend invited me to go to church with her on Easter Sunday. I politely declined and explained that I only go to  church for weddings and christenings. But I wasn't let go that easily and was further interrogated why I do not go to church on such an important occasion. "I am not religious, actually I am an atheist", I said.That moment the floor might as well collapsed and the earth stopped revolving around it's axis. My friend was shocked and the silence turned into further interrogation but before I let this become atheism bashing, I turned the tables and started interrogating them, why they believe in god. Both of my opponents are devoted Catholics  although I think one of the wasn't really believer but a follower of tradition and lingering on the hope of afterlife, while the other had a fear of god and very strong religious indoctrination. I think the first one might eventually come to the conclusion I have come.  Overall, I won discussion, hands down, they weren't able to respond to any of my arguments. I didn't even go all the way as I don't want to offend my friend. I was even  blamed for being too logical. Well, thank you then.  

I only can imagine their reaction if I revealed that I am anti-theist too. 

                        This meme summarizes the argument we had quite well 

I wish I answered like this, I'll keep it in mind for next time

While we're at it... :

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