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Monday, June 17, 2013

I had an interesting weekend. In Friday after work I went out with my colleagues. At first it was a bit boring, the middle part was so much fun, but eventually people got too drunk to have a sane conversation with them and I was getting up early the next day, so I left. I wish I listed to my instincts and took my friend home but I didn't and she got into a bit of trouble, nothing major, but it would have been best to avoid that situation. Anyway, the next morning I went to Brighton to meet my friend who has been living in London for awhile but hasn't been anywhere else. She liked Brighton, it's very different to London but sadly it wasn't the best day to visit Brighton. Refuse collectors are on strike so the city was in a bit of mess. On a more positive note, there were so many street musicians, it created quite a lovely atmosphere.

    We had lunch in the place I usually go, I can't remember what it's called but they have a all you can eat buffet for £4.5 and mostly vegetarian food,including a variety of pizzas. Yum.
We browsed a flea market on our way to Brighton Pavillion

It was incredibly windy that day, I could hardly see a picture I'm taking because my hair was all over my face!

We spent  the rest of the afternoon warming up and chatting up over a cup of coffee.  Overall, it was a good day and I hope we can do this sometime again but she has now left UK but she might come back, fingers crossed. 

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