Melones, melones

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I'm back from my sun, sand & sea holiday in Mallorca!! I'm happy to be back but I'll miss that beach. I've tanned. A lot. A local shopkeeper thought I was Italian, can't blame him. But let me start at the beginning.

We took a very early flight to get there, I've booked a transfer bus to get us to the hotel, it was good value for money I think.

We left our things in the hotel, changed and went straight to the beach which was only a short walk away.  The water was lovely and the sand was hot, what else do you want? sun I guess,  but
it disappeared behind clouds so we left the beach and had a nap which was quite needed,we got up at 4am that day.  Our hotel was quite...something. It is very much British orientated (well, most of Puerto de Alcudia is).You can buy British newspapers, radio station played during the day was also British, entertainment was for British taste too,even some staff were British. You wouldn't know you weren't in UK if not the nice weather! Not surprisingly, most of the guests were British, we spotted people of other nationalities too, but only during meal times, only the British seem never leave hotel and just sunbathe by the pool even though the beach was 5 min walk away.

 I could only squeeze in the picture half of the hotel, it's rather big. Most guests come with their families, including grandparents. There were so many children. The annoying, noisy, little buggers. It seems there is always at least one child crying, screaming or generally being a nuisance. It was quite tiresome, now I get why some of the hotels are adults only- to escape all the bloody noise.

We didn't stay much in the hotel though, except the day it was really bad weather- 20c and cloudy!! :) We had sangria, mojitos, it was quite lovely but boring, not much to do. Hotel did provide evening entertainment, so we went to see The Beatles tribute, it was very enjoyable, although sometimes the singers missed a note but it still was rather good. I was surprised how similar their voices were to the actual Beatles, especially Ringo's.  That was the only evening entertainment that we went to see, others were not something we would enjoy.

My camera's screen is a bit darker than the actual picture, so it leads to overexposed pictures like this one, I swear it looked perfectly fine on the screen. 

The view from our balcony. 
To be continued...

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