Gilmore Girls

Sunday, January 18, 2015

There is comfort food and there is comfort TV. For me  the best chill out, de-stress TV show is Gilmore Girls. I started watching it when I was still at uni, me and my SO would be lying in bed, spending a relaxing afternoon watching a couple of GG episodes. 

It's charming and witty, very fast dialogue, sprinkled with various pop culture references. It has a relaxed paced and is set in somewhat Utopian small town.

If there's anyone who hasn't watched, a short summary what it's about: It follow Lorelai Gilmore, who's witty, charming and rebellious character, left her very wealthy parents after getting pregnant at age 16. She brought up a very smart and funny daughter she named after herself but normally called Rory. 

Watching the episodes I get that warm and fuzzy feeling. 

Full disclosure: the last 2 series are a bit meh, but the the rest worth bingewatching. 

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