Christmas in Germany

Sunday, January 03, 2016


3rd year in a row I spent Christmas in Germany with my family. on Christmas eve I was hoping to go to Dusseldorf Christmas market but it was already closed, but you can find pictures from last year here. We did some shopping instead, had some gluchwein (mulled wine) and flammkuchen. 

DSC_5378 DSC_5384 

The rest of the week spent there I was mostly stuffing myself with food and spending time with family, including my very lovely cousins, the youngest one is only 9 months old.
DSC_5505 DSC_5541  
 DSC_5517  DSC_5566 

We spotted this house in a neighbourhood, it looked wonderful.

Back to work tomorrow. It will be a struggle. I have spoiled myself with lots of sleep during my two weeks off and it will be hard to get back to the routine. The only consolation is that so will everyone else. 

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