Lithuanian food that I miss

Saturday, January 30, 2016

OK, I will admit, this was meant to be "10 things I miss about Lithuania" but it all ended up being food and I will be doing that instead and might eventually come up with a list of non-food things that I miss. 

You can find replacement for Lithuanian sour cream- creme fraiche is very good and you can find Polish curd cheese in Sainsbury's but yet there is still so many things that I can't easily buy living in UK that I greatly miss:

  • Fried rye bread with garlic- a beer snack normally, tastes fantastic on its own- that is if you don't mind garlic and  how greasy it is. 
  • Cakes, so many cakes- you can go to any grocery shop and you have a great selection of freshly made cakes. I miss it so much, you can't get anything like that in UK.
  • Sweets & biscuits- so many varieties!
  • Curd snacks
  • Smoked cheese with cumin- I can it the whole thing on its own
  • Sour Cream Butter- perfect with potatoes
  • Wild blueberries- shop bought blueberries  taste nothing like wild blueberries
  • White Pizza sauce- in most Pizza places in Lithuania you will be given ketchup and a white/pinkish sauce to go with your pizza. Yes, it's not how Italians eat it but believe me it's delicious.  As far as I remember, the  white sauce is always made in the restaurant and  I am not entirely quite sure what’s in it- mayo, ketchup, garlic yes, but the rest is mystery to me. There are recipes floating around the internet and I ought to try it. I guess it wouldn't go well with an authentic pizza but for your ordinary pizza  that you might get from a shop- perfect. 
  • Freshly baked rye bread. There is nothing like it. 

And another thing I miss and I will wait till spring to make is saltibarsciai:

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