Sunday, September 04, 2011

Done with the films I bought at the boot fair.

Sense& Sensibility 

So many familiar faces :) Alan Rickman and that woman who played his wife in Love Actually. And they both were in Harry Potter. And one of supporting actresses was the annoying teacher who liked tea in Harry Potter. Yes, Kate Winslet and even Hugh Laurie( Doctor House!) :))). Generally liked the  film, but not my favourite of  Jane Austen films.

Happy go lucky

A bit weird, not as funny as I expected. Poppy's laughter is annoying, reminds me Stacey Solomon. But I like the end when  she finally stopped laughing& the whole madness of the driving instructor.  Definitely did not expected that he had feelings for her.

The dreamers
Love the interiors, the main actress- gorgeous, isn't she? the film was a bit creepy. The whole brother- sister thing was a bit incestuous. the sex scene was quite weird too. I read that Eva Green herself was a bit disturbed when she saw the film.  still enjoyed the film. What I learnt from the film? Don't leave your toothbrush on the sink! Also, watching the film I realised that one of the pictures I have on my walls is the snapshot from this film 

Need to get more films for bad tv days. 

P.S. I think no one could play Severus Snape as well as Alan Rickman does. 

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  1. OH YES, I just adore Rickman as Snape.
    And about The Dreamers - I find it so so interesting, that Eva Green was disturbed by the movie, will try to find something about it. Because maybe because of her characters that tend to be weird and disturbing, I always had a feeling that she's into stuff like that..

  2. Rickman is one of my favourite British actors

    I would love to read the book the Dreamers is based on and just to compare.

    If you find anything on that Eva Green thing, let me know, cause I couldn't find much on that.