Things that Irritate me:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

to add to the list Things that Irritate Me:

  • finding a really good song, checking other songs by the same band/artist and finding them totally crap/boring/not my taste
  • people who pronounce my name with a silent E
  • rude shop assistants! talking to other staff and totally ignoring until they finish their work-unrelated conversation or those who do not greet you and only utter "£10.49". no "thank you", "please". or once shop assistant got involved in argument over nothing with a customer in front of me, shouting at each other and when the customer left, shop assistant was just moaning to all other customers about her.Not very nice, I wanted to write a complaint, but I think the customer who actually left the queue might have done it as he was clearly also irritated by the shop assistant's behaviour and I haven't seen her working there since this  happened. 

We have tidied up the flat! (pause for applause). yes. It looks nice,I wonder how long it's gonna last?.. hopefully at least till tomorrow when my dear friend will arrive! I haven't seen her for two years and she'll be staying with us for almost 2 weeks. Looking forward to all the fun we're gonna have. 

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