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Monday, September 12, 2011

I watched the finale of the series of  True Blood. So annoying, have to wait for another year for another series. I really like True Blood, it's amazing TV series, but you tell someone it's about vampires..and there are some werewolves... people think it's like Twilight... It's nothing like Twilight, firstly because TB is awesome and Twilight is shit. It 's some sort of teenage girl dream crap. Common, vampires that sparkle??? There is nothing teenage about TB. It's strickly adult. It's exciting, it's sexy, it's creepy and it's funny too. 

I loved when Eric lost his memories and was such a good boy. I didn't like him much before. I don't like Bill either. Now seeing the good side of Eric, I like him a lot more, even though he returned to be a bad-ass. It seems everyone's crazy about Eric, when you read the comments below the episodes of TB, you'd think it's Eric Northman's show or something. 
This season Jessica got a lot more interesting as a character. 
she's very pretty too

laughed so much when I saw this:
It must have been soooo awkward for Stephen Moyer (Bill) when they started filming Sookie  (Anna Paquin) and Eric's (AlexanderSkarsgård) sex scenes, Stephen and Anna are married. They actually met while filming TB.

TB is based on book series, I tried to get the first book from local library and it's on loan till October, hrrrrrrrr. So now I'm listening to audio version on youtube, which is quite fun but not as pleasant as reading. 
What I am gonna watch now?... 

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  1. I read 9 books of True Blood (there will be TWELVE), but now I kind of lost interest. And I enjoyed True Blood in the beginning, despite lots of things that bugged me, but now it just reached a really terrible level (plot wise), but maybe I'm this critical, because I already now the story from the books and I watch some series that are better executed. But I'm still watching, mainly because of my love for Alexander Skarsgard and now Deborah Ann Woll.

  2. you see, as I haven't read the books, it's fine for me, although I red plot lines of the books in wikipedia and yeah it is very different from the tv series.

    If I have read the books like you, I'd probably be same as you, I tend to criticise book adaptations, I hate when they omit major characters, alter plot dramatically.