Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So I am working my way through BC's filmography. I finished Fortysomething. it was a nice change, it's funny and sort of easy-watching. yes, Hugh Laurie plays the main character (also directed the show) and BC plays one of his sons.

They actually look like father and son, don't they?

 Hugh Laurie looks so funny. It instantly reminded me someone else in a similar outfit...

Also, Stephen Fry has a cameo role. And there is that toilet paper guy from Starter for 10. Yeah, that creepy one with very lovely hair. I didn't recognise him at first, he's very young in this TV series.

Watching  Hugh Laurie making chicken noises reminded me to get his CD Let Them Talk [Special Edition], I saw him on TV presenting it some time ago, it seemed to be pretty good but I forgot all about it. It's only £5 (free delivery) on amazon (hmhm yeah I buy everything from there). Can't wait to put it on repeat.

watched a short film " Inseperable". It's very powerful for such a short film. But...does he always have to play someone who is about to die/dies/fakes his death? Has he no mercy for the Benaddicts? He should be next James Bond. and also Mr Darcy, he's made for that role.And if he has time, he should record some more audiobooks.

While cumberbatching on tumblr I found this lovely article by
Alexandra Sokoloff. Just a few quotes from it, but I really recommend to read the full article, although if you are a cumberbitch, you probably already did.

If you know what I’m talking about, you know what I’m talking about.   If you don’t, you’ve somehow been missing out on the biggest thing since Jesus.  I mean, you know, since the Beatles.

So I’d like to talk today about the new Sherlock Holmes.  (Hey, it’s crime fiction, isn’t it?)  Those of you who know can just scream and faint in the background, there, while I fill the others in. 

And Sherlock is as he is depicted, an unfettered and unrepentant autistic-slash-high-functioning sociopath. And a rock god. An unfettered and unrepentant autistic-slash-high-functioning sociopath of a rock god.

I admit that I become flushed and breathless when he launches into one of his twenty-pages-in-a-minute and-a-half-monologues about who ate what pastry at which Tube stop after whichever assignation with whatever coworker that is a trademark of the show.

The other day I was drinking tea and  watching Dispatches documentary on Olympics tickets and this attorney came on screen. His name was Jim Moriarty. I almost chocked on tea.  I'm a dork, I admit.

p.s. congrats to Ben  and Loo who won  radio times Valentine's day date poll. You're welcome, the fandom.

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