Cumberbatched: Starter for 10

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Wind was so cold this morning, it felt like somebody was slapping my face.

I live in a country of paradoxes. On one hand, people complaint about subzero temperatures as if it was -30C. On the other hand, there are people totally inappropriately dressed for this cold.. Today, for instance, I saw a man jogging wearing nothing but shorts. Or the other time I saw a man defrosting his car windows wearing shorts as well.  Do some people here have personal heating system? I want one...

Also, it would be nice if people stopped assuming that I enjoy this cold weather just because I'm from a country that actually has proper winter. Somebody actually thought this cold weather should remind me home. It doesn't, back home people do not panic over a snowflake :)

On a more positive note...I watched Starter for 10 for the first time since I've been Sherlocked. 

I burst into laughter when I saw this:
Future Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. LOL. and I mean it.

This scene almost killed me :D Cumbe

Well, I mostly liked and/or laughed at the scenes with Ben. Wished he had a bigger role, though.

The plot was predictable, but  I really enjoyed the soundtrack, The Cure! 

And Rebecca Hall <3

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