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Friday, May 11, 2012

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got this 3 CD set from amazon, free with my voucher from valuedopinions.co.uk. Slowly building my collection, now based on purchases amazon is suggesting me to buy Ella Fitzgerald's  albums. I might, I like oldies.


 quite mind-blowing book. Chapter "I Me Lie" has been the most fascinating so far.

We all live at a slight lag from reality and tall people experience a slightly longer lag from reality than short people simply because the distance from toe to head is greater, which means the brain takes longer  to check on all signals.

OK, I knew that. I think it was on QI.

Hard as it is to conceive of, some scientists think it likely that left and right hemispheres, speaking and mute,are each conscious  entities in their own right, with their own thoughts and moods.

On totally unrelated topic, I was really surprised I didn't have to convince my BF to see Frankenstein NT live screening. Yay. Might invite some friends, if any of them are interested in theatre or BC.

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