Think it through next time.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

everyone around me: hey Eurovision on Saturday
Me: meh...though BAFTA TV awards on Sunday!!! yes,I'm very excited about this. you know what they say, fourth time's a charm! :) good luck, Benny.

Went to see Avengers the other day, not really impressed, I expected it to be more enjoyable, considering all the positive posts about the film online. The Dictator was so much more fun, I'll buy a DVD when it comes out.

Finished my first week at my new job. So far so good. I am the only foreigner, which I find a bit weird since  I haven't been in situation like that before, at uni and other jobs, at least half of the people were foreigners. Well, now I have chance to improve my English and my accent! :)

It's weekend  and weather is still nice so I went to the beach for a few hours and afterwards we went  to do my BF's uni assignment- to make a video for his song. It was so much fun!

I think I'll do more filming, I rather liked it.

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