I think I left my riding crop in the mortuary

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm in a good mood today,  two days off  after today, starting a new job next week. I'll get my life back, I will have so much more time and I hope I will use it well rather than spend it browsing reddit. I want to go on day trips, I want to start playing the guitar again, learn to play more songs properly, not half-assed as usually. I want to take more pictures, read all the books that I have on my to read list.

 BF's birthday this week, got him some boring stuff and "adopt a donkey". Since we saw some donkeys in the sanctuary we really came to love them and my BF always says he doesn't need any presents, so this is perfect for him as he's not really getting any, except a picture of the donkey he will adopt. And he'll make one donkey a bit happier. Although I was quite disappointed how little money goes directly to charity (I bought the pack from gift republic). Next time I'll do it directly through charity.

Some The Beatles gifs I found:

I wonder if those digital photo frames can show gifs, because if they can, I'm interested.

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