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Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm upset. Why? I bought a new "toy" for myself and it hasn't arrived  today as promised.  Let me explain. I have Amazon Prime trial, which gives you free next day delivery, which worked perfectly when I bought my laptop, excellent service from DPD, even received an estimated hour of delivery. I bought yesterday a lens lumix 45-200mm from Amazon even though there was a cheaper one on ebay but delivery from 7 business days, so I thought I'll get one from Amazon and I'll enjoy my toy the next day.It was sent with HDNL. It was out for delivery, I was super excited and now it's back in the depot. Now I have to wait till Monday, I will be complaining to Amazon as  their guaranteed delivery is what convinced me to buy the lens from  them.

I also bought a phone. I could have bought something like Samsung Galaxy S3 (my god that screen is bright) but I find it ridiculous  that it costs the same as my laptop, so I decided to go for a mid range smartphone and  for left over money to get a lens that I have wanted for a long time. You see, I used to have a bridge camera with a 18x optical zoom and I feel limited with my 14-42mm lens.I would also like to get a prime lens, but I'm not very keen on Lumix 20mm F1.7,  as it's not that good for portraits. I might get olympus m.zuiko 45mm F1.8,but not yet, from next salary I'm getting a trip to Barcelona.

About the phone, it took me ages to decide which phone to buy. I had decided to buy HTC desire C when I saw reviews  that it's  quite slow, so I got Nokia Lumia 710, still not sure about it because it's windows phone. Will I like the tiles? I played with it the shop and I thought yeah I can get used to this. It's coming on Monday because Royal Mail doesn't do next day delivery on Saturdays, well not unless you pay extra £3.

We're also looking for a new flat, it's not easy, demand is high here and supply is very limited but I do hope to get out of this flat before another cold winter, fingers crossed.

Did you watch the Olympics opening ceremony? Did you also miss Benedict Cumberbatch's opening video? I didn't know he was going to be there and I was actually watching Scandal in Belgravia with a friend who hasn't seen it.

I'm going to boot fair tomorrow. so yay. I hope to find some good bargains

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