Friday, August 31, 2012

A small  victory against procrastination:

  • ticket to the airport- check
  • online check in- check
  • coach from airport to KLP- check 

I think it's about a time to start packing...  time has passed so quickly and I'm in no way prepared for this trip, especially psychologically, can I have another month to get use to the idea I'm actually going to my home country for a week? no... ok... 

Still a million things to do before the trip and I have no time, I feel like going mad. maaaaaad. ok it's most likely because of work related stress, on this note, my colleague will be back on Monday so I won't have to  cover her role anymore just some assistance here and there, which is great. 

Yesterday my dear J. made me go to this beauty salon where her friend works and we had skin consultation, which was fun in a way and also ridiculous. Obviously they're trying to sell you very much over priced products. prewash and wash and toner, moisturiser, skin protector,etc. PREWASH AND WASH. Wash  your face before you wash your face.  That in the way reminds me this meme:

 thanks, I'll just have my free goody bag. 

on irrelevant note:

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