Sunday, September 16, 2012

Although I'm definitely glad to be home there are things I'll really miss:

  • the sheer variety of freshly made cakes and pies, biscuits and sweets 
  •  kastinis (although some people insist on spelling kastinys, I say fuck them, I spell it how  I pronounce it), it's not available in my local Lithuanian food shop
  •  the seaside 

We cycled from Klaipeda to Juodkrante, that's is quite a distance. It's in the Curonian Spit, which is World Heritage Site, I wrote my dissertation on it.
 It's September and the beach is deserted, also you can only reach it by bike or on foot.   We  saw a few left-over tourists from Germany and France, even in Juodkrante it was absolutely peace and calm  with practically no one around.

I love its wilderness and sand.  We had a dip in the not so calm sea, it was very chilly but very refreshing after cycling for quite a while.

In Juodkrante we had lunch, I had traditional cold beetroot soup with warm potatoes, well potato cut into 2 pieces  (yes absolutely ridiculous, potatoes are not even expensive), it was quite lovely but the portion was small and I had traditional potato pancakes as well.

I visited my home town which hasn't change much but there is hardly any people I know as most people of my age leave for studies or work. I visited my old school and met some of the teachers, some of them still remember them, well  why wouldn't they, I was a very good student.

I met a few old friends but not all that I wanted, some just live in different part of the country and didn't have time to go there as well.

Back to work tomorrow, it's going to be a difficult day, I'll be working on my own, but at least tomorrow's the pay day and also I have Friday off. It's time to start planning my trip to Barcelona in 3 weeks!

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