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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I bought a tool set, I can't believe how empowered I felt holding a hammer. Now  I wish there was more DIY stuff to do around the house so I could use my new toys, I mean tools.

I can sense the new academic year has started without even looking at the calendar,my town is unusually full with young, seemingly lost people and also all the shouting & singing that wakes me up in the middle of night: it can only mean one thing- freshers week... It's been a a year since I graduated, I could have completed masters degree by now, but it's very expensive way to make oneself over qualified for most jobs in the current job market. The other thing, I am not sure  what subject I would like to study, I'll wait till I establish some sort of direction in my career, now I am focused on getting more work experience and spending money I wouldn't have if I studied.

I brought a few old CDs with photos. here is one of the many:

     taken 5 years ago. probably the last time it was sunny in England  Ba dum tss...

 ok ok it ain't that bad, I just love to complain

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