Monday, October 15, 2012

I loved Barcelona, not sure if it was the sunshine, the heat or the relaxed atmosphere, but I loved it.

It was very warmth, around 27c and one day it got pretty hot reaching 34, so we spent that day mostly on the beach. The water was ever so clear
 It was still early, there were hardly any people on the beach..not for long though

Went to La Rambla, which I was impressed by at all, but I loved the "labyrinth" of streets next to it, which we explored a few times during our stay in Barcelona.

It was quite easy to get lost and we couldn't find the vegan place that we saw  during our first wandering around these narrow streets

We found this burger place near Placa del Mar (I think it was called Hot & Crusty or something like that) which we ate watching the sea and the tourists. The server had very good English which was quite a relief.

With my hair curled by the Meditereanian sea (ever so salty)

We stayed at a very nice hotel at Eixample (Hotel Europark- highly recommend!) so certain sights were just a few minutes walk away..

went to Montjuic.. didn't go on the cable car as I have fear of heights so we took the funicular and walked up on foot to the top which actually didn't take long and was very enjoyable.

Went to Park Guell ( if you go, just take metro not the bus, it's not that far from the station and there escalators to get you up the hill!)

 and when it started raining, quite badly, but it still was warmth. We were soaked through so we had to come back to the hotel to change, when we left the metro, we found ourselves in the middle of demonstrations!

On our last day we encountered  the celebrations of Día de la Hispanidad 

and a bit more of the rain...

I would love to go back...and live there! Even though there were things that annoyed me a bit ( red/green traffic light?who cares! and all the mopeds...), I could easily live here... but not work as there none hah...

I stumbled upon Sherlock while watching TV in the hotel after a very long day, it was in Catalan. Sherlock's voice was too slow and monotonic, probably voiced by an older man but it was low so not a complete miss but it still sounded weird and the slowness took away a bit of Sherlock's magic.  Sherlock should be soon shown in my home country or maybe have already been shown as I saw adverts on TV while I was at my parents', would love to see how  it's in Lithuanian, but to be honest it can only work if they put subtitles as Benedict's voice is not something you want to miss...

Anyway, now I'm back I'll start learning Spanish, my dear M. will help as she's Spanish and I will help to help her with her English, great!

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  1. I'm proud you you've writed and shoted...
    But the Hispanidad celebration in Barcelona was anecdotal, the catalan independentist contest few days ago attracted a million and a half people, La Hispanidad only 6.000 ... It's clear most catalans don't feel ourselves as spanish...

  2. at first I thought it was another demonstration ;D and when I saw both Catalan & Spanish flags, I thought there's going to be a fight between the people ;D We didn't stay that long in Placa de Catalunya during the celebrations but we were surprised that the square was empty when we came back two hours later! maybe it's because of rain?