La Cara Oculta

Sunday, October 28, 2012

One evening when we were in Barcelona we stumbled upon this film that was on-  La Cara Oculta or The Hidden Face. We watched it in Spanish,but the language barrier didn't stop us enjoying this film. Just watch it, you can easily find it with English subtitles. I'm not giving anything away about the plot.

I am quite disappointed with the foreign language film availability here in UK, they're hardly ever shown here & not many choices in world cinema section in HMV, they are mainly karate/kung fu fighting films or anime. I'm really after European cinema,  on Amazon foreign DVDS are hugely over priced...I wanted to get Pot Luck 2- Russian Dolls, it's around £15.00, I'm not paying that kinda money for an old film!

Fortunately, my dear friend,who is Spanish, will lend me some Spanish films, great!

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