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Friday, October 26, 2012

I thought I'll give Elementary a chance despite the surrounding controversy. Of course I'm biased,I love BBC  Sherlock, it's a masterpiece (all hail Mofftiss), it's without a doubt my favourite show ever.

 My verdict based on 1.5 episode (damn my internet connection) : it's not awful but it isn't brilliant either. What bothers me the most is that it seems they have no  knowledge of the original Sherlock Holmes books, the first clue is in the title: based on the famous  "Elementary , my Dear Watson!, a phrase that has never been uttered by Sherlock.  The show doesn't feel very "Sherlocky", it's  just like any other crime drama where the main character just happens to be named Sherlock Holmes. Absolutely no chemistry between Sherlock and Joanne, if Joanne wasn't on the show, I would hardly notice she's missing, doesn't seem to contribute much to the show. in my opinion.

There is no Mrs Hudson or Lestrade. Not sure if Mycroft has been on the screen (I do love Mark Gatiss in BBC's version) as I haven't seen all the available episodes.

The  script is quite boring & dry, cinematography, what cinematography? Deductions not explained, although BBC Sherlock aren't always fully explained, but  you can see Sherlock's thought process and how he  comes up with his conclusions, in the Elementary, however, it seems Sherlock knows  the answers because it's says so in the script. The deductions that ARE explained are quite..lame. You don't need to be Sherlock to come up with that!

Johnny Lee Miller isn't bad at all,I loved him as a creature in Frankenstein, but I don't think his Sherlock is that interesting to be honest but it might get better in the later episodes. but I'm sorry to say I'm not going to watch them.

All right, if you like cop/crime drama,I think it's more than adequate, but if you are more into Sherlock,  you'd be better off watching House as it's a lot more Sherlocky than Elementary.

If you want to read a proper review, click here

P.S. I hate how Americans pronounce Sherlock (no offence to my American followers),  it reminds me "Er mer gerd" meme. How about no?

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