Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas my dear readers

I hope you had a great day. Where I come from, Christmas Eve's dinner is the main dinner rather than on Christmas day. We spent it at my SO's parents just like every year since I moved to UK. I've prepared a few dishes myself which went down with the family very well.

I've got some cash from my lovely grandma so I can buy perfume that I wanted, brilliant, got some DVDs, chocolates, snuggie, a lovely bird cage type candle holder, some lovely cosmetics from Lush, A CD for learning Spanish, more candles & wine.

My dad also sent me a DVD with my favourite Sherlock episode (Scandal in Belgravia)  with Lithuanian dubbing. So I watched it while eating my  Christmas breakfast (leftover cake). It was indeed hilarious. They translated  "it stinks" instead of "it stings". Lots of stuff translated without taking context into consideration or just plain wrong. OK, some things are really hard to translate, jokes especially, but in this case it was mostly poor translation (who did they hire, someone who hasn't even finished high school?).

Anyway, the whole scene was translated very poorly, especially when Sherlock"s doing his "because I took your pulse, elevated, pupils dilated". The show lost half of it's charm, to really appreciate it you need to watch it in original or you need a good translator.  It's not only the shows that are translated poorly, books as well. Some of the poor translation comes from not knowing British English. Fish&chips becomes fish & crisps which confused me so much, I thought why would one eat fish with crisps?

On a totally different topic, I was hoping I would have some nice Christmas pictures made with Lumix 20mm pancake less that I bought from Argos outlet on Ebay but they fucked up the order, just refunded my money without any notification, I complained to Ebay of course & they said Argos breached their seller policy & will action this but I'm not getting that lens, unfortunately. I will be purchasing  it from Amazon, obviously a lot higher price, but I'll be able to get £50 cashback from Panasonic.

Until my next post, my chums

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