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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I've found a new show to love: My Mad Fat Diary. It's hilarious, realistic,relatable and hilarious. But it's a lot more complex than what it seems at first (that trailer totally fooled me!),it explores some very serious issues.

 It's based on My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary, set in the 90s (the original was set in 80s.) and it has a great soundtrack
and how I do love that characters are not glamourised and just look like normal people (as opposed to 90120 or similar shows)

  • Rae : do you prefer morrisey or the lead singer of the smiths?
  • Chloe : depends what mood im in

This made me crack up!!!!!

The finale of series 1 on is next Monday (they would be mad if they wouldn't do another series!). Also, when is the DVD coming out???

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