We have conquered the night

Sunday, February 10, 2013

 I spent most of my Saturday with my old friend from Uni, in the evening we ended up at the seafront & luckily I carry my camera every where as the the view was amazing. All the lights and reflections on wet surfaces, just spectacular. For the first time I had an opportunity to use my new lens in very low light conditions. It was so dark, I couldn't see any buttons on my camera,  autofocus was always best option but I couldn't focus well manually either as my camera zooms in when you do that but it because it's a such a dark picture, I couldn't see what I'm focusing on! Anyway, it still was a good fun and I'm pleased with results. Now I can't wait to go out again to shoot at night, this time I'm bringing my tripod and one of my usual "models" and explore this new dark world that was previously "unreachable" with my kit lens

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