Friday, March 29, 2013

Since I started working at my current job, I have had problems with my eyes, strain, computer vision syndrome. So I finally decided to go to opticians since I can get a free eye test any way (I think all employers  in UK legally have to provide eye test vouchers for staff who use computers as part of their job). So I found out that I am slightly shortsighted and got prescription glasses ( and they say the eye strain from using computers do not  permanently affect your vision, I beg to differ!). They are not very strong and do not have to wear them all the time, only for driving ( I don't drive though) , cinema or whenever I feel like I need them. Well now I know why I like impressionism so much! Some  impressionists were short-sighted and this may have influenced their painting style.

I got two pairs as it was a good deal and I am prone to accidents so it's better for me to have a second pair just in case...
The first pair is plain black frame, aka hipster glasses
The second pair is brownish colour and the frame has this vintage look.
Now I look like a total hipster!..

I think I need some time to get used to wearing them, I am very aware of them when I have them on and I feel like a different person when I wear them.

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