It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's feels like Christmas was just last week and suddenly it's mid March. Time is really flying when you're grown up. Although it's March, it might as well be December with the amount of snow we had today and yesterday. Quite a few people didn't show up as the roads haven't been gritted, so they "worked" from home. I have no excuse, I live 5 minutes walk from my office so I had to show up. The few people who were in the office were in Christmas mood and actually sang "Snow is Falling" and other Christmas songs.

I wanted to upload some pictures from my phone but it's not syncing!

I've recently realised I'm the techy person of the office... Anyone who is having trouble with changing printing settings, using some feature in Excel or not able to turn on VC, come to me.  They're buying a camera, tablet or phone, they come to me. Well I can't believe this,  I do not consider myself particularly competent in that field, just enough to get by, however it seems everyone else are so clueless they think I'm  very competent.

I once had to point out colleague that she didn't have to write down a telephone number she had on a spreadsheet so she can when type it in an email. She wasn't aware that copy & paste works between different programmes. yep.  I don't understand how people who lack basic computing skills get a job where you spend most of your time using a computer.


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