Melones, melones II

Monday, July 01, 2013

More on my holiday in Mallorca.

We stayed at this 3 star hotel which can't be compared to also 3 star hotel that we stayed at in Barcelona (it was very good), we had half board meal plan, breakfast was good but I'm not a breakfast person, so for me it was not that important. Dinner was a different thing. Me and my SO are both vegetarians, so we knew it will be tricky but reviews on trip advisor said that the choice of veggie food was good. I beg to differ. Most days we ate salad with chips (French fries). We got bored of this very soon. They had a great selection of deserts. Most of them there with jelly, so again we weren't spoiled for choice. 

We  found a nice restaurant on the beach  called Playero where we had lunch several times.Pizza was very nice and they had wonderful milkshakes. It was a very relaxing atmosphere, I wish we had restaurant like that on our beach!

We had a few evening walks by the seafront, enjoying cooler temperature yet it was warm enough to wear a summer dress which never happens in UK. 

I took my 20mm F/1.7 lens out, I didn't have a tripod, but the pictures are quite decent considering it was night time! That's one of the reasons I bought this lens.

 What I loved  how safe I felt there, al streets were lit and there  are so many people around too.

On our last day we went to Alcudia itself. At first we thought to take a bus, however, it was full and only took one person on board, there were around 10 people left disappointed who stayed to wait for the next bus which was probably pretty full too. Instead of waiting for the bus, we decided to walk, I had downloaded map of Ballearic Islands on my phone in advance just in case thought not that we needed much, it was pretty straightforward, it took us under half an hour to get there, if it wasn't hot, maybe it would have taken even less time.
First thing we did, went to ruins of Pollentia, Roman city. Archaeologists are still working on the site, don't know how can they possibly work midday in Summer, it was incredibly hot. We paid 2 euros to enter, it was quite interesting to see  the ruins, especially the amphitheater but if you are pressed for time ,I'd skip it, its not that impressive. 
Afterwards, we went to the old town which is just across the street, it has a medieval town wall, you can  step up on the wall and follow it almost all around the old town.
We wandered around the town, in the maze of medieval streets. 

There were plenty of shops and restaurants. 

Sunset in the Palma airport just before take off

Summary: I loved the beach, sun and the tan (I've never been this brown in my life!!), bit disappointed with the hotel, overall worth the trouble.

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